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Father Hulk?

Strange what comes up in a Google Image search sometimes. I searched for “catholic photos” and this gem shows up on page one: Yes, it’s The Hulk as a Catholic priest. As if walking into a confessional wasn’t intimidating enough! … Continue reading

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Saint Obama?

File this one in the “That’s Just Plain Wrong” category: votive candles featuring Obama as a saint.

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Facts about the Three Wise Men from a wise guy

Just who were the “Magi” that visited the Christ child? After years of pondering, I wanted to share two interesting, yet widely unknown, facts about these men. It is often said that the magi were “wise men”, but did you … Continue reading

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The Pope’s Cologne

I just saw an ad for this on another Catholic blog: So…if I wear this, will women find it attractive? Or will it make them stay away and therefore create a celibacy-ensuring aura? You know, kind of like the … Continue reading

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Not Said By Jesus…

The Alive and Young blog has a great weekly feature called Not Said By Jesus Sunday. This week’s installment is a gem: Glad to know there won’t be a scantron test to enter heaven!

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Finding God at the Great American Beer Festival

Apparently there was a good religious showing at the 27th Great American Beer Festival, including brews from The Lost Abbey of San Marcos, Calif., “where the tap handle is a Celtic cross and the legacy of beer-brewing monks endures. Standing … Continue reading

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The Bible Don’t Say Nothing ‘Bout Female Football Players

Thanks to The Sporting News for this gem: We Don’t Recall the Bible Saying Anything About Female Football Players

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Harry Potter and the Saintly Owl?

I know that Harry Potter’s pet owl Hedwig died a heroic death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but I didn’t realize that she’d been canonized…or that today was her feast day.

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Is it Mass or Woodstock?

A sad, yet funny, account by a University of Notre Dame student is available on Ignatius Insight Scoop: “I went to Mass and a ’60s/70s rock concert broke out” (Thanks to the National Catholic Register for bringing this gem to … Continue reading

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McCain and Obama Paper Dolls

Just when you thought the election season couldn’t get any more exciting, suddenly a new earth-shattering product is launched: Presidential Candidate Paper Dolls! Oh, I know what you’re thinking. How have we survived without these in the past? But more … Continue reading

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