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Skipping Christmas

It happened in 2005, and it’s happening again this year. With Christmas falling on a Sunday, some — perhaps many — Protestant/Evangelical congregations are canceling their Sunday worship services. Earlier this week, an opinion piece entitled “Skipping Christmas” on the Associated Baptist … Continue reading

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Formal wedding in the South

It’s hard to escape Southern Culture, even when attending an otherwise-formal Anglican Church wedding reception (see photo). I don’t think this is standard-issue from Canterbury, for some reason.

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Convent of Converts

Vanessa Barnes of the Houston Examiner has an interesting article about 10 Episcopal nuns converting to become Catholic nuns this past Thursday, Sept. 3. The sisters cited “orthodoxy and unity” as the reasons for their conversion, and the report explains … Continue reading

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Saint Obama?

File this one in the “That’s Just Plain Wrong” category: votive candles featuring Obama as a saint.

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Why Rome Said No

Today is known as Reformation Day among Lutherans because October 31, 1517 was the date Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses — a date that historians consider to be the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. When I was a Lutheran … Continue reading

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Bush Worships in China

Before attending some Olympic events, President Bush began his Sunday in China attending a worship service at Beijing’s Kuanjie church, which is an officially recognized Protestant congregation. He remarked: Laura and I just had the great joy and privilege of … Continue reading

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On Mexican Food and the Salvation of Souls

Today’s Musings from a Catholic Bookstore shows the relationship between the writer’s Big Bell Box Meal from Taco Bell, his Aunt Gloria’s homemade Mexican cooking, and the Pope’s reaffirmation that there is no salvation outside the Church. A fine blend … Continue reading

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Catholic Outreach, Southern Style

It’s no surprise that Protestants outnumber Catholics here in the Deep South. But I suspect that this is due in part to some tactical errors in Catholic evangelistic strategy. As a native Georgian and a former Protestant, I think I … Continue reading

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DVD Shows Common Ground between Catholics and Protestants

I just bought and watched a great DVD called Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn from Each Other. I found this to be a helpful, charitable dialogue between a Protestant minister and a Catholic priest. Pastor Steve Andrews … Continue reading

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