Random Observations from the Eucharistic Congress

We had a great time today at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress. Just some random observations:

  • Parking: Jammed! But I guess this is a good thing: the event is getting more popular (I suspect that the final attendance will far exceed last year’s 20,000). Last year, we were able to park at the Georgia International Congress Center, where the event was held. This year, we had to go to one of the airport parking vendors across the street. Fortunately, they provided shuttle service to the convention. And when we left, there was no charge. What a pleasant surprise! I’m not sure if the lot comped it since it was a religious event, or if the Congress Center or Archbishop picked up the tab, but it was much appreciated.
  • Lost Phone Fiasco: Early in the day, my wife’s phoned was lost, which put a damper on the day. It never turned up at lost-and-found when we were there. Fortunately, a security guard called around 8:30 tonight and told us that he found the phone! Awesome! We thought we’d have to buy a new one. My wife’s prayers to St. Antony worked!
  • Speaker Accessibility: No prima donnas by any stretch of the imagination. All were approachable, friendly and genuinely wanted to strike up a conversation. I got the chance to speak for a while with Steve Ray and Bob Evans (a.k.a. The Donut Man). While not speakers today, I also was able to easily flag down Fr. Roderick and Greg Willits of SQPN.
  • Mass: Wow! I’ve never been to a mass with so many people. Archbishop Gregory presided. ‘Nuff said!

All around, an excellent event. We’re looking forward to next year.

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